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Transform Your Metal Surfaces with Métaux Profusion Inc.

To allow you to professionally modify or improve your metal surfaces, Métaux Profusion Inc. provides you with transformation services throughout Quebec in collaboration with our various partners. Our transformation services include several types of processes:

sparks flying while machine griding and finishing metal.jpeg


This is abrasion machining used to improve or modify the surface of a metal part.

Folding or Bending

It is a mechanical process used to bend a material to a desired angle using two dies or molds.

The process of bending sheet metal on a hydraulic bending machine.jpeg
industrial device for bending of metal pipes and plates, industrial concept.jpeg


Bending a tube involves inserting an object such as a mandrel, sand, or a bending spring, to prevent deformation of the tube.

Sheet Metal Rolling

This process is used to produce cylindrical or conical parts.

Perforated temporary filters.jpeg
metal drill bit make holes in steel billet on industrial drilling machine. Metal work indu


A drill bit is used to drill a hole through a piece of metal.


A die punch is used to pierce through the material. The resulting hole does not need to be a circle, as this method does not use a rotational motion like drilling.

Rotation CNC Punching & Nibbling Machine in action. Metal perforating industrial machine.j
Process working CNC turning cutting milling metal Industry machine.jpeg

Metal and Plastic Products of All Kinds

Distribution and processing services for metal and plastic products.

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