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Chemical Treatments for Your Metals


By collaborating with various partners, Métaux Profusion Inc. offers chemical treatment services throughout Quebec to help you better protect your metal surfaces.

Corrugated metal sheets isolated on white background.jpeg


Galvanizing is a process used to increase corrosion resistance by coating the metal surface with a thin layer of zinc (Zn). Galvanizing gives a silver color to the surface.


This is an electrochemical process which is used to cover the metal with an insulating layer of oxide to protect it from corrosion. As a result, the metal becomes more resistant to wear and heat. In addition to acting as a protective layer, this treatment also gives an attractive colored decorative finish to the metal surface.

Aluminium metal CNC machine parts color isolated on white.jpeg
Industrial background from metal parts produced in metal industry


Passivation adds an insulating layer of non-porous oxidized material to the metal surface. The layer is strongly bonded to the surface and protects it against corrosion.

Metal and Plastic Products of All Kinds

Distribution and processing services for metal and plastic products.

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