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Cuts for All Your Projects

Laser cutting machine

Métaux Profusion Inc. offers different cutting services to meet your needs:

Bandsaw cutting a steel pipe.jpeg

Saw Cutting

This is a simple and inexpensive method that involves pressing a movable toothed blade, circular, or band saw against the material. This method gives a rough finish.

Shear Cutting

A top blade is lowered and compresses the metal against a bottom blade, like a guillotine, until the sheet metal is cut.

intelligent control panel with monitor touch screen and switch of high accuracy hydraulic
Oxygen torch cuts steel sheet. CNC gas cutting machine. Bright sparks.jpeg


Oxycutting uses fuel and pure oxygen to create a high-temperature torch and a jet of oxygen that oxidizes, melts, and blows the slag out of the cavity. It produces vertical drag lines visible on the surface. This method cuts ferrous metals up to 500 mm (20 inches) thick. Oxygen cutting is more economical and can cut thicker materials than plasma cutting, but it is limited to ferrous metals.

Plasma Cutting

An electric arc is created between a jet of compressed gas and the metal. The arc ionizes part of the gas thereby creating a column of very hot plasma. The plasma and compressed gas melt and blow the molten metal out of the cavity. Plasma cutting produces smoother cuts and narrower cutting surfaces than those produced by oxy-fuel cutting.

laser or plasma cutting metalworking with sparks
cnc laser cutting machine in action on a metal plate. automation in heavy industry.jpeg

Laser Cutting

A concentrated, extremely hot, high-energy beam of light heats and vaporizes the metal. The resulting cut is precise and has a superior surface finish. Laser cutting is used for metals less than 25 mm (1 inch) thick.

Abrasive Cutting

Abrasive cutting uses a supersonic jet of water containing an abrasive grain to cut metal. This method avoids damage caused by the high temperature generated by thermal cutting methods such as oxyfuel, plasma, and laser cutting. The cut is straight, precise, and smooth, but slower and more expensive than plasma cutting.

Water jet industrial machine cutting steel plate. Computer controlled metalworking machine
Process working CNC turning cutting milling metal Industry machine.jpeg

Metal and Plastic Products of All Kinds

Distribution and processing services for metal and plastic products.

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