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About Us

Some Statistics

  • 24 years in business

  • More than 3000 active customers

  • More than 20,000 tonnes of metals delivered in the last 10 years

À propos de nous

Our Mission

We contribute to our customers' success by offering a wide selection of metals and plastics, excellent service, and fast delivery.


Métaux Profusion is a leader in the distribution of metals and plastics throughout Quebec. Since its creation in 1999, Métaux Profusion has listened to its customers and continues to develop long-standing business relationships.

Our Clients

We serve commercial, industrial, and institutional clients, large and small, in most sectors of our economy.


Our commercial and industrial customers include:

  • Machine and welding workshops

  • Manufacturers of all kinds of parts, products and machinery

  • Mechanical garages

  • General contractors

  • Industrial, food, and pharmaceutical plants

Our institutional clients include:

  • Crown & provincial corporations, and municipalities

  • Hospitals

  • CEGEPs and universities


We serve the following industries:

  • Aerospace

  • Food and beverage

  • Automotive

  • Cultural

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Government

  • Municipalities

  • Pulp and paper

  • Chemical products

  • Advertisement

  • Health Care

  • Building sector

  • Energy sector

  • Telecommunications

  • Water treatment

  • Transportation

Why Us?

Why choose Métaux Profusion?

  • Vast Selection - we offer a wide range of metal and plastic products. Whatever the alloy and shape you need, we will find the product you are looking for. The wide variety of our products and services allows you to save time by concentrating your purchases and reducing the number of deliveries

  • Unparallel Service - Our team is composed of dynamic and experienced employees who respond to your requests in a personalized and professional manner. Whether it's for a single part or a larger order, we will give it all the attention it needs to make it a success! In addition, we perform various cutting and transformation operations to deliver perfectly adapted parts to the project you are working on.

  • Fast Delivery - Our offices and warehouse are conveniently located in the center of our clients and have easy access to major highways.

Pourquoi nous ?

How Do We Ensure Your Satisfaction?

We take quality seriously, no matter the size of the order! This is why we are prepared to do everything we can to offer you the best possible service. Therefore, we offer:

  • Attentive listening to your needs

  • Rigorous quality control

  • A material traceability system (mill certificates or letter of conformity available on request)

  • Carefully packaged orders

  • Experienced and courteous drivers

Our Values

The Values That Make Us Strong

  • We support our employees - We had taken care of our employees when they needed us and we offer opportunities for development and advancement within our company

    We collaborate with our suppliers - We maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers, finding win-win solutions for all.

  • We help our customers - We put our customers' interests at the center of our actions.

  • We respect the environment - We are working to become carbon neutral by 2030. As we reduce our emissions, we plant trees to capture the carbon we emit and help restore forests destroyed by fires.

Nos valeurs
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